Freak Kitchen Blog - March, 2007

Growth of the Freak Family!

Friday, March 16th, 2007


Greetings Freak Friends!

I am super happy to announce beyond great news: Björn has recently become a Dad to a beautiful baby-boy by the name of Sindre! His son was born about a month ago and Mother Sofia and Sindre are doing just fine. The little dude has already begun playing the drums in his wicked, yet discreet, Devil baby suit (given by Chris and Shara). A fabulous creature you will hear more about in the future, to be sure! We’re all happy and proud in the freak camp! Hail! Hail to Sindre! Hail!


Sindre and Dad taking it away!


Sindre slightly tired after the jam…


What’s up besides the splendid family announcement above, then? Well, lots and lots of things, I can tell. I am writing and recording every day in my beloved basement. We’ll let you know what’s going on soon, but there are many, many songs in the works. (It feels like we’re building a monster, bit by bit). New FK material + acoustic and electric Freak Guitar stuff. It’s damn inspiring to work sort of incognito. Excited as hell!

As pragmatic kind of guys we try to learn from previous mistakes of banging the drum too early. That’s not going to happen on this one/ones. I bet we might even shoot a video before we play it to any outsiders. This is to avoid too many wills working, sometimes, against you. We’ll present plenty of groovy things when we’re done and satisfied with it. Stay tuned.

The HTML Dude and I are beta-testing the Freak Guitar – Growing Your Own Moustache album. We are sorry it took more time than expected but that’s how it is sometimes. Time really is the enemy. I’ve got quite a bunch of e-mails asking how I am thinking regarding the actual mustache growth if the person who downloads the album should copy my licks. Well, the stuff I am playing is merely a start, the rest is up to you. There are also plenty of space in every tune for improvisation. My ultimate wish is that after you’ve checked out some of the tons of licks, phrases, riffs included in every tune you gently raise your middle finger in my direction and say “Screw you, Mattias Ia Eklundh. This is how I do it! My moustache is way more groovy than yours” Hope you will dig it once online. Be patient, friends. Soon, soon.

Material for the live-DVD is getting sorted out, track by track, gig by gig. The Storan-concerts turned out great and will be the backbone of the production. Then we’ll add footage from around the globe in between. It will be a while before release, but we are working on it, make no mistake.

Art Metal-update: after many twists and turns by Jonas and yours truly regarding what Art Metal really is and should sound like, we’re about to wrap up the work on the album in the very near future. The reason this release has taken such a long time to complete is that it has mutated into different shapes and forms along the way. Initially I laid down my guitar parts to the wonderful, wonderful South Indian kanjira structures and rhythms by Selvaganesh. Jonas added some bass and it was great, but not exactly what we wanted it to be. Not Art Metal, which is a slippery thing to define. Gut feeling at work here. Then Anders Johansson recorded a full drum-kit over it all and suddenly several of the guitar parts felt a little too… don’t know… wrong? Now, we’ve taken away lots of the old takes and I’ve squeezed in more dirty stuff I felt was appropriate. Raw and noisy. Fast and to the point. Jonas is adding bass as I write and once home (in Stockholm now) I will nail the two remaining songs. Again, stay tuned. We plan to have it sent to the pressing plant within weeks if all goes as planned.

More very groovy things to announce and dates to bookmark in your freaky agendas! The 1st of March 2008 Freak Kitchen are doing a big concert together with Linköping Jazz Orchestra. The event will take place in Linköping Concert House (Konsert & Kongress), which holds about 1200 people. This will be a full-blown Metal meets serious kick-ass Brass concert with a variety of FK-tunes performed together with 18 piece band! A true “don’t miss”! Naturally it will all be shot and recorded. More info on ticket sales soon.


(The venue in Linköping)

Another damn thrilling 2008 highlight will be a concert I will do together with hand-picked orchestra at the Royal Swedish Castle in Stockholm. This concert has been in the loop for a number of years but all kind of stuff has postponed it. Thanks to the persistency of my dedicated friends Mathias Walin and Håkan Granat it will now happen. The date has not yet been set but I promise I will announce it as quick as we nail it. We’re most likely looking at a Saturday late August next year. This one will be worth traveling for as well… and naturally we’ll document the entire thing! I will write the music and then work closely with orchestrator Thomas Rydell, a great new acquaintance of mine, to make it sound swell. My previous scores were too complex and full of idiotic passages impossible to nail if you got about a day of rehearsals. I remember being slightly slapped around by a Russian orchestrator and buddy of Mathias’ (he was right, of course). He took a glance at my over-ambiguous, ultra fast quintuplet intro at an orchestra version of Evil Shower and said “There is no classical schooled musician in Russia who can play this. Perhaps you can find a jazz player from New York who is doing crack that can pull it off”. Gee… I will try hard to keep my cool this time and actually write music that can be played and sounds good too. Another “don’t miss” date, ok?


(Checking out the vibes at the Royal Castle of Doom…)

Alright, got to go have a meeting and another guitar clinic in the sunny capitol of Sweden. Thanks for reading. Back soon.