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Autumn Leaves

Good morning Freak Friends! Walking my dog in the woods as I type this on my splendid new Qtek phone with its slick little keyboard. We bumped into a gigantic moose minutes ago but Maya the Dog, cool as ever, simply looked at the impressive creature for a while then continued to play with her cones. I think they know each other since way back. It’s my limited Homo Sapiens brain that just don’t get it.


Well, got up early today. Have to lay down a frantic guitar solo on the new Hardcore Superstar album and finish click tracking the new tunes so Björn can start working on the stuff. We will record the drums in Sweden this time, at drummer Johan Reiven’s (LOK) special drum studio (drum, drum, drum… How many times can one write something drum related in a single sentence?) Will present the album and song titles soon. As I believe I mentioned in an earlier blog all the guitars are already done, recorded to cheesy machine beats. Really happy with the songs and I think it will turn into a kick ass record. 12 tracks as most FK albums, around 48 minutes playing time. More about this soon, I promise.



We rehearsed with the LJO for the first time last Sunday for the upcoming concert 1st of March next year. It was awesome and shit-scary at the same time! Tried out Chest Pain Waltz, Taste my Fist, Night in Tunisia and a song LJO’s great orchestrator Magnus Ericsson Sommen wrote called Olja (oil in Swedish). The sound is super rich and it will be a stunning gig. Beside the Freak Kitchen repertoire tunes from both Freak Guitar albums will be performed PLUS, for the first time ever, a couple of Mr. Libido songs as well. Magnus is working his ass off to fuse the two constellations and doing an absolutely wonderful job! To stand there with 15-20 brass guys to back you up feels real good. Ahh… Don’t miss this gig, o beloved Freak Fanatic. (Noticed that KLM started to fly to Linköping. A hot tip for the foreign friends). Next rehearsal in November. Ticket sale starts October 1st. Report will follow.


Art Metal time is near (or already begun due to some dealers that ignored the release date and started selling the disc as soon as they got it in stock. Business as usual…). Hope you are going to like the album in all its raw fashion. Did a photo session with Jonas for a couple of covers, Swedish Fuzz magazine being one of them. Goodie goodie.

Looking forward to meet you fine people of Cardiff, Växjö, Manchester, Verona, Atlanta and Vilnius soon. Ljungby postponed until later this fall. (Got to get myself together and put the 50 free tickets to my clinic in Georgia on the site in case you are not a gold-badge holder. If you want to hook up, drop me and e-mail at mattias@freakkitchen.com, OK)?

What do you want to hear from the band at ProgPower? Use the address above and send us your suggestions and we will take it into serious consideration.

Oh, my cat Lava showed up from nowhere in the woods. How are you doing furry little thing? She looks like she had a decent night’s sleep under some tree.

Gabriel is growing like crazy and the entire Eklundh family would like to thank each and everyone that sent us gifts and all the tons and tons of greetings! We are really overwhelmed. Thank you so much. (Every postcard and every e-mail will be archived so Gabriel can check it out when he is slightly older).


Being a Dad is so much better than I ever expected. It fills you up completely and Gabriel is such a stunning young man. Every day is a new adventure. He comes up with things all the time and we communicate intensively. He also sings for me, in his own baby style, when I play for him. After trying out most modes I know I have come to the conclusion that he is mostly into the pentatonic major scale. That one really gets him going.

Had a great time at the Swedish Metal Expo! Thank you for packing the place and making the Freak Guitar clinic easily the most crowded!

Along with new Freak Kitchen album, the new Freak Guitar album, the live DVD (damn it takes time to edit the bastard), the concert with LJO, the concert at the Royal Palace there might also be a serious (musician) performance with yours truly, the fabulous pianist Patrik Jablonski and a full blown symphony orchestra playing Beethoven’s Triple Concerto (yes, Ludwig van). I will be playing the violin part which will be a challenge greater than the K2. More news later on but it is easy to say 2008 will be a freaky year indeed.

Now a day has passed and I am back in the woods with Maya. A large tree is about to collapse in front of me and I wrote I-am-not-sure-what entitled Some time it has to come down while standing in front of it. Think I am going to go get my HDV-cam and film it a little bit. Perhaps I can make an artsy fartsy video to put on YouTube. God, I am being poetic today.

Björn came by to pick up a mandolin, rain stick and banjo for a project he’s got going for his students. Gabriel and Sindre finally met a while ago. Photo proof of Freak Kids and proud Daddies coming right up!


Well, getting closer to home. Better wrap this up, stuff some veggie lasagna in my face and get down to business. As always, thanks for reading.


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