Freak Kitchen Blog - January, 2008

Land of the Freaks IIII

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008


Greetings dear Freak Friends and a truly Happy 2008 to all of you! Hope the holidays
were as tiptop as they possibly could be. In the Freak HQs we spent time recording the
drums for Land of the Freaks, and had a blast doing so. Björn, the ever so splendid
Björn, played like it was a matter of life and death. It was just for me to sit back
and enjoy the show… Amazing. Not only did he nail the twelve brand new FK tunes, he
also was gently forced to play a bunch of stuff for my forthcoming Freak Guitar
release + Christer’s entire Eaglestrike album (which took about two hours to get down,
since that drummer of ours is from another planet, we think).


The sound, in all its unorthodox miking and combination of all kinds of kits, is also
beyond great. As I’ve written before, easily the best we’ve had so far. Natural, well,
tuned drums played well, nothing quite like it.


Coffee is good… Coffee is good…

We recorded in a room next to our rehearsal facility, owned by Johan Reivén (also
drummer), who spent much time getting it right before it was time to let the red light



Now the equipment is back in my basement where the rest of Land of the Freaks will be
completed, including mix with Roberto Laghi as soon as we’re done. I am so shit-happy
with this release and I can’t wait for you to hear it. More news soon.