Freak Kitchen Blog - July, 2008

Land of the Freaks VIIII

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Hey again! A short report from the Land of the Freaks photo shoot the other day. Have such an inspired freak vibe in my gut I felt I needed to write a few words and post a few photos before going into Freak Guitar Camp frenzy (freak, freak, freak).

We hooked up at amazing photographer Lennart Sjöberg’s studio for an afternoon of intense, sinister posing. Started out with coffee, mineral water and a discussion with Lennart and computer animator wizard Fredrik Person who is doing the artwork together with Sjöberg. The concept of Land of the Freaks is turning out truly exquisite not to say cool and damn swell-looking if I may say so my damn self! We are all thrilled and floored about it! The evil Lithuanian creature is basically a pair of jeans folded, sprayed and decorated with all kinds of bizarre paraphernalia. It has a slippery look and you can really feel it is made by twisted human hands…

Lennart the Man (more…)