Freak Kitchen Blog - February, 2009

Land of the Freaks XII

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Hey there! Hope you are all good wherever you are despite times of financial doom and whatnot. Everything is splendid here, I am afraid to say. Sitting in Munich about to get on a plane to Milan in a few minutes. Five clinics in Italy coming up, arranged by the great Mogar company, the Italian distributor of Laney amplification. Did a bunch of clinics here in Germany the other week and had a great time meeting and playing for all the cool people showing up in Berlin, Hamburg, Witten and Brilon (crazy/passionate campers Jochen and Andrei drove some 800 kilometers to hook up. Gee…) Will be back in Germany soon again at the mighty Frankfurt Messe as well as a few more clinics here and there. I dig doing clinics. It keeps you focused and is a fine way to get out there and play when Freak Kitchen is gearing up for future concerts but not in actual touring frenzy. Now I am not going to write the word clinic again. Ever. Clinic.

Memory lost!! No kidding…

Land of the Freaks! Yes, damn it, it’s very much alive and kicking, to say the least, despite the silence from the Freak Camp recently. This is the deal: (more…)