Freak Kitchen Blog - December, 2009

Land of the Freaks: The Christmas Special

Friday, December 11th, 2009

The rain is pouring down outside as I sit in the car with a sleeping Gabriel next to me. Mrs. Eklundh is at the veterinarian getting rid of a few stitches on Maya the dog after recent surgery. Just got back from a fabulous, fabulous Finnish tour that floored us all. We couldn’t believe the massive response at each and every gig. Helsinki was even sold-out on a Tuesday night (Kuopio might have been so as well). Stunning Freak Neighbors: you kick so much ass it hurts! We can’t wait to come back! Festivals and more concerts are being planned for 2010 by our great Finnish promoter Timo and Nem Booking. Thanks a bunch! Thanks a bunch! (If you got cool photos from the gigs, send them in and we will post them here).

So, finally Land of the Freaks is out there… I feel so relieved everything is going so good. (Despite Pirate-Bay times the album is doing very, very well!) The people at iTunes decided to take a vacation the week of the release, hence the delay. It is available now.