Everyone Gets Bloody (2024)

Everyone Gets Bloody: Cover photo

Petition for decency in the dreadful polarization of today's world.


  1. Everyone Gets Bloody
  2. Medal
  3. Slip
  4. Small Acts Of Rebellion
  5. The Grief That Does Not Speak
  6. Gravity Works
  7. Psy Co Op
  8. Down the Drain
  9. The Expert
  10. Session Is Over
  11. Pissing Contest

Confusion To the Enemy (2018)

Confusion To the Enemy: Cover photo

The latest album consists of 11 songs that give you astonishing tunes varying from headbanging turbo boost and progressive soundscapes to heartbreakingly beautiful melodies and civil rights anthems – whilst always staying catchy and accessible.


  1. Morons
  2. Alone With My Phone
  3. Så Kan Det Gå När Inte Haspen Är På
  4. Troll
  5. Confusion To The Enemy
  6. Push Through
  7. Only a Dream
  8. Auto
  9. By The Weeping Willow
  10. The Era of Anxiety
  11. We Will Not Stand Down

Album Reviews

Cooking with Pagans (2014)

Cooking with Pagans: Cover photo

The 8th studio album also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first album Appetizer.

It is an entertaining and sassy album that doesn't care about genre labelling. Like it should be.


  1. Professional Help
  2. Freak of the Week
  3. Sloppy
  4. Goody Goody
  5. (Saving Up For An) Anal Bleach
  6. Private Property
  7. Mathematics of Defeat
  8. I Don't Want to Golf
  9. Hide
  10. Come Back to Comeback
  11. Ranks of the Terrified
  12. Once Upon a Time in Scandinavistan

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Land of the Freaks (2009)

Land of the Freaks: Cover photo

Land of the Freaks, the seventh Freak Kitchen album, shows a band hungry, energetic and determined to break new ground!

With vivid South Indian carnatic influences Mattias, Björn and Chris go where no metal band has gone before, combining breathtaking rhythm structures with top-notch song-writing over tonality unheard of in metal music.

Featuring Radhakrishna on double-violin and V. Selvaganesh on kanjeera, it's a milestone in the band's recording history.


  1. God Save the Spleen
  2. Hip Hip Hoorah
  3. Teargas Jazz
  4. Sick? Death By Hypochondria
  5. Ok
  6. Honey, You're a Nazi
  7. The Only Way
  8. Murder Groupie
  9. The Smell of Time
  10. One Last Dance
  11. Do Not Disturb
  12. Clean It Up

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Organic (2005)

Organic: Cover photo

In an age of fear and environmental meltdown, enter "Organic". The crew is joined by the amazing Bumblefoot on vocals and guitar on "Speak When Spoken To" which is also released as a single. The weird, beautify and very, eh, organic cover painting is made by fabulous French expressionist Thierry Cardinet.


  1. Speak When Spoken To
  2. The Rights to You
  3. Look Bored
  4. Chest Pain Waltz
  5. Mussolini Mind
  6. Guilt Trip
  7. Becky
  8. Independent Way of Life
  9. Heal Me
  10. Infidelity Ghost
  11. Sob Story
  12. Breathe

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Move (2002)

Move: Cover photo

In "Move", you have in your hands an album from the top of the batch. More metal, more experimental, more fascinating: continues to please the fans and convert the newcomers.


  1. Propaganda Pie
  2. Nobody's Laughing
  3. Snap
  4. Humiliation Song
  5. Razor Flowers
  6. Heroin Breakfast
  7. Porno Daddy
  8. Seven Days In June
  9. Maggots Of Corruption
  10. Hateful Little People
  11. Logo
  12. The Wrong Year

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Dead Soul Men (2000)

Dead Soul Men: Cover photo

With songs like "Gun God", "Silence!", "Everything is Under Control", "I Refuse", e.t.c, Freak Kitchen prove their capability of combining elements of many musical styles into something truly original and rare is stronger than ever.

"Dead Soul Men" is a collection of 12 songs where the listener is given no time to breathe whatsoever. It was mixed by Roberto Laghi, once again, in Oral Majority Studio, assisted by Ia and Hasse Asteberg. A very successful combination.

On the collaboration between Christian and Ia, "Slap Me in the Face", Joakim handles the vocals throughout for the first time. Gronlund's daughter Amanda also provided some inspired "vocals" on the track, giving it an inimitable introduction. The title track, "Dead Soul Man", featured gifted singer Zara turning the song into heavy metal gospel...


  1. Silence
  2. Gun God
  3. The Ugly Side Of Me
  4. Everything Is Under Control
  5. Get A Life
  6. The Sinking Planet
  7. Dead Soul Man
  8. I Refuse
  9. Black Spider Flag
  10. Super Model Baby
  11. Slap Me In The Face
  12. Shithead

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Junk Tooth (1999)

Junk Tooth: Cover photo

Demo compilation album, self-released.


  1. Damage '95
  2. Damage '97
  3. Dig Me Out
  4. Middle Class Panic
  5. Come Before You Leave
  6. Forgive Me, I'm Swedish
  7. Now You Know
  8. I'm Not Going
  9. The Monster Hit
  10. Probably Not
  11. The Man Who Taught His Asshole to Play the Flute
  12. The Special Profession
  13. Happening Henry

Freak Kitchen (1998)

Freak Kitchen: Cover photo

A corny little heavy-pop-rock-latin-world-jazz-avant-garde-metal-blues-record straight from hell! The third Freak Kitchen album is pretty different from the other two which, despite many forms of musical influences, easily could be chategorized as hard rock or metal. This is something very different and probably the most freakish of the three. A broad mind is likely to be entertained thoroughly.


  1. We've Heard It All Before
  2. Vaseline Bizniz
  3. Michael And The Syndrome
  4. Entertain Me
  5. My New Haircut
  6. Broken Food
  7. Bull
  8. Mr. Kashchei and the 13 prostitutes
  9. Scattered
  10. Six Dildo Bob and the Bluegrass Samba from Hell
  11. Tiny Little Second
  12. Pathetic Aestetic
  13. A Regular Guy
  14. Also sprach Cetacea

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Spanking Hour (1996)

Spanking Hour: Cover photo

The second Freak Kitchen release is a natural development from the debut with its fat, rich "in your face"-sound and dynamic, solid songs. Nominated for the production and song writing Spanking Hour is an innovative 50 minute rock masterpiece. From the catchy opening track "Walls of Stupidty" to the zany "Jerk" to the furious heavy metal samba "Inner revolution" to the sophisticated "Lisa" the record consists of something for every taste.


  1. Walls Of Stupidity
  2. Haw, Haw, Haw
  3. Jerk
  4. Taste My Fist
  5. Burning Bridges
  6. Inner Revolution
  7. Lisa
  8. Spanking Hour
  9. Proud To Be Plastic
  10. Dystopia
  11. The Bitter Season

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Appetizer (1994)

Appetizer: Cover photo

This award winning debut shows Freak Kitchen's variety and features an amazing bunch of tunes and performances all over. The dead heavy "Lie Freedom", the bizarre title track, the beautiful instrumental "Paperdance" and the sincerely corny "Healthy Man" made the critics lyrical and Appetizer was called "The best debut album a Swedish band has produced in both this and the last decade".


  1. Blind
  2. Appetizer
  3. Lie Freedom
  4. Hollow
  5. See You In Pittsburgh
  6. Paperdance
  7. Raw
  8. Some Kind Of Love Song
  9. Are You For Real
  10. The Healthy Man
  11. What's The Problem
  12. The New Part

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