Splendid, magnificient, beloved Björn Fryklund

Blasts from past decades, as featured in FB & Freak Kitchen's Blog of Doom...

Half-century of awesomeness, and another yet to come!


Francis Dunnery:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the drummer for January’s big lad in the windmill tour is Björn Fryklund. After listening to over a 100 excellent drummers Björn was the most appropriate for this tour. He has the skill set I need to make this tour amazing.

OCTOBER 2018, Moscow, St. Petersburg

We seem to have made it safe and sound to Russia.



Är helt rörd till tårar, när Ginza strular till leveransen av Freak Kitchens nya skiva som släpps idag - då kommer fina Björn Fryklund och personligen levererar sitt egna exemplar av skivan till mig ❤ ❤ ❤


Freak Kitchen support Artists United Against Bullying.

The band spent the weekend shooting a Mount Everest of video footage together with great photographer Oskar Andersson at Partille Gymnasium.

+4 million views!

We are delighted our amazing brother Juanjo Guarnido and Fortiche Production's incredible animation video to Freak of the Week continues to floor freaks around the world!


JUNE 2018

Pete Parada:

Had the absolute pleasure of catching up with my old friend from music school last night in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Björn Fryklund is a monster drummer and his playing has always been an inspiration to me. In a school full of competition, he was supportive and a great mentor.

I was honored to have him at my show and look forward to hearing his drumming on the new Freak Kitchen record later this year!

MAY 2018

Light at the end of the tunnel... We're soon finished with the production of the new album (September 21st release). Confusion To The Enemy will be mixed in Copenhagen early June.

MARCH 2018

Our somewhat unreal brother Björn nailed the upcoming album's eleven tunes yesterday. All of it. Twelve hours of straight drumming! In the most grand and groovy of ways too. What a champion he is...

FEBRUARY 2018, Gran Canaria

Despite a broken kick drum head and an annoying pneumonia we had a marvelous time on stage!

What to do when the bassdrum breaks?! Gig was chaotic in a good way since we go with the flow as usual.


Många bpm

JULY 2017


So, this is pretty amazing. I don't even know if I'm allowed to tell people which song IA and Björn performed for us, but let me tell you it's never happened before and it most likely won't happen again. The best present EHVAHR!

JUNE 2017

Sweden Rock Festival Update!

I detta nu sitter Björn Fryklund & Freak Kitchen och repar med Sweden Rock Symphony Orchestra där bandet bl a kompar sångare så som Joe Lynn Turner, Tarja Turunen,Peter Tägtgren, Joacim Cans, Dan McCafferty m fl.

APRIL 2017

Despite the sad act of irrational hatred in Stockholm we had a great time sailing the Baltic sea with +1400 crazy metal heads at a packed Silja Line Galaxy.

MARCH 2017

Freaks of Moscow, the Vikings have reached your shores! Frantic pagan music at Club Moscow!


Drumtalk with Mike.


Our kick ass Bjorn, soon on his way to NAMM, at a groovy Freak Drumming clinic at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg.


Cow Sculpture made for Björn Fryklund of Freak Kitchen in 2003. Can be played as a gong or cymbal.


En freaky weekend med dobbel dose svenske kjøkkenmontører.


Dutch megastars shooting a TV episode of Nick and Simon, The Dream at IA's house.

JUNE 2016, Thomann Sommerfest


The Wedding Band


Atlas Music:

Un día como hoy, pero del año 1968, nace el baterista sueco Björn Fryklund. Fryklund inicio su carrera como baterista a partir del año 1978. Actualmente, es reconocido por formar parte de la banda de hard rock Freak Kitchen.

Debido al alto nivel técnico de sus composiciones a veces las personas se refieren a su estilo como metal progresivo o rock progresivo.

Italy, we love you!

Thank you for the truly bellissimo treatment! You are wonderful and we had such a moment fantastici on stage every night.

It was an almost cathartic experience to share the healing power of music together after the tragedies in Paris and Beirut.

Anika Nilles!

Today I got to meet this amazing drummer for a chat and a splendid 2 hour masterclass.

AUGUST 2015, Sticky Fingers, Göteborg

"Världens bästa trummis" går loss på barnens födelsedagspresent.

MARCH 2015, Paris



A Lombardo signed hihat!

Dear Mr. Björn Fryklund (and of course Dave Lombardo)…. THANK YOU for a splendid gift!!! This will enrich our Bombastik Drum Recordings studio wall from now on!

2013, Theaterfabrik Leipzig

2012 France, Germany, Nepal

Yesterday, Friday the 10th of February, our own, beyond stunning Björn Fryklund nailed no less than eight tracks straight on the forthcoming album. Harvest time.

As a producer and engineer it is sheer bliss to work with someone like Björn. It is no bullshit whatsoever. He is the man. Eager to work hard. Eager to make it groove.

You’re the best, brother Fryklund.

Mannheim Pop Akademie. Digne Les Bains. Berlin ORWOhaus festival, located at the Frank Zappa Strasse!

Björn with his sore Sauna Nose (I don’t want to go into detail).


Was absolutely tremendous! The Silence Festival was absolute top notch and the kids were so kick ass and carried the band all the way. The Freak Brothers and I kicked back in the city before and after the gig with temple sightseeing, massage, unbelievably stunning food, also doing interviews and photo shoots.

I think both Chris and Björn fell in love with the place as well in all its intensity and slight chaos.


Maximum Rock Festival in Novara, Italy.


Cheeseball Björn, Jeesus... and here is pastor Terry Smith and his new moustache for you.


Hooked up with our friends in the fine, fine Panzerballet who drove from New York to play with us in Florence. Caffeine is a mighty important thing on the road...

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Exactly what went through Björn’s head at this time is still unclear…

Norfolk, Philadelphia, New York

...the flight back was… pure horror. People screamed, puked and panicked. The man behind us had an instant heart attack. Not funny. The girl next to Björn had a nervous breakdown and went to into hysterical spasms. Scary. We were all convinced we were going down.

2011, France


Josef Fryklund!

First of all a big hip hip hooray to Björn and Sofia and their now extended family! The 3rd of September Sofia gave birth to Sindre’s brother Josef! (Freak Kitchen V. 2.0 is not far away now…) Congratulations, family Fryklund!

2010, Italy, France, Finland, Denmark

MAY 2010, Giessen, Arvika, Uppsala

2010, Germany & France


First of all: Land of the Freaks is mixed, mastered and ready for release!!

I am very, very, very happy with the record. You may beg to differ but for the first time I feel we got it right all the way. I love every album we’ve put out. There is a lot of hard work behind them and I know we always did our best.

Land of the Freaks has taken close to three years to wrap up. Get me right: we have worked on it over a period of three years. We haven’t been recording three years. That would have been insane. I think Björn has spent around three days in total nailing his parts plus some last minute tabla frenzy. It has been a cool ride and lovely to let things unfold along the way.

MAY 2009

Our beloved Björn got married to his Sofia! A magic day on all accounts.

I played and sang a Francis Dunnery song in church, shit-scared, with buddy Christian Alsing supporting me.

Chris, Björn and myself played sloppy versions of My New Haircut and Michael and the Syndrome at the great party after the ceremony.

On their honey moon the newly weds went to New York to check out groovy jazz and hang out with Bumblefoot.


So, how are things proceeding with Land of the Freaks? Goodie goodie. Very goodie goodie!

In Honey, You’re a Nazi Björn tears the drum kit apart but manages to keep his cool when needed, like the third verse. (The difference between boys and men).

Björn and I did a drum-guitar clinic outside of Gothenburg that was a lot of fun. Björn was kicking buttocks as usual.

Björn is crazy. He just wrote down the drum part of Meshuggah’s Bleed song for educational purposes (I also believe he thinks it’s fun, the lovely loony). If you’ve heard it you know it’s a nightmare figuring out the kick drum beats.

Björn, you madman. Happy birthday, brother!

New Delhi

The Delhi concert was loads of fun!

Björn played like a maniac (even managed to cut himself in the forehead with the snare drum, don’t ask how, bleeding on stage) and thousands of lovely Indians went nuts together with us. Had an awesome time, all three.

AUGUST 2008, Lillehammer

Norwegian ass kickers! Freak Kitchen live in Lillehammer.

It’s not easy being attacked by your own hair, however pretty. The fabulous Bjorn had arranged a typical Swedish crawfish party at his hotel room! With balloons and everything! And funny hats!

MARCH 2008

Had a ball the last week working on Land of the Freaks. Soon done with going through Björn’s amazing drumming. Each track has to be checked and a few edits have to be done here and there (still extremely few due to Fryklund’s top-notch timing and overall kick ass ideas).

I was a little afraid about recording the drums after the guitar. Never tried it before. Every time I listen to music done in this order there is a certain, overall un-groove, a funny vibe hard to describe.

But we have Björn – the Secret Weapon, and it makes all the difference in the world. His playing has never been better! I could praise the guy forever but will now stop since he knows he can play bloody well and so do you.

Metal meets Brass concert with Chris, Björn and the LJO. Looking back at the video footage I can’t believe we actually pulled it off. The day before we rehearsed the music on stage, with no PA or monitors, and it felt… fragmented. The night of the performance though, everything fell into place and we all went that extra mile to make it as good as it could be.


In the Freak HQs we spent time recording the drums for Land of the Freaks, and had a blast doing so.

Björn, the ever so splendid Björn, played like it was a matter of life and death. It was just for me to sit back and enjoy the show… Amazing.

Not only did he nail the twelve brand new FK tunes, he also was gently forced to play a bunch of stuff for my forthcoming Freak Guitar release + Christer’s entire Eaglestrike album (which took about two hours to get down, since that drummer of ours is from another planet, we think).


Asked Björn the other day about a couple of recent photos of Sindre and here we go! Sweetie pie!! Son in groovy outfit + Freak Dad

Got a chunk of groovy US live shots from amazing photographer Todd Brown the other day. All star jam dudes!

Land of the Freaks

Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel this is the time to present Land of the Freaks, the new Freak Kitchen album we are working on.

Björn came up with the album title by muttering in the tour bus a while back. I thought it was brilliant and so did Chris. It sticks.


We will record the drums in Sweden this time, at drummer Johan Reiven’s (LOK) special drum studio (drum, drum, drum… How many times can one write something drum related in a single sentence?)

Björn came by to pick up a mandolin, rain stick and banjo for a project he’s got going for his students. Gabriel and Sindre finally met a while ago. Photo proof of Freak Kids and proud Daddies coming right up!

MARCH 2007

I am super happy to announce beyond great news: Björn has recently become a Dad to a beautiful baby-boy by the name of Sindre!

His son was born about a month ago and Mother Sofia and Sindre are doing just fine. The little dude has already begun playing the drums in his wicked, yet discreet, Devil baby suit (given by Chris and Shara). A fabulous creature you will hear more about in the future, to be sure! We’re all happy and proud in the freak camp! Hail! Hail to Sindre! Hail!

DECEMBER 2006, Blanes, Raismes

Björn and Sofia were in Barcelona. Early this morning, I received a text message from Björn who told me to bring the least warm clothing I could thing of. Apparently Spain is boiling. Thank God for air condition.

The show started rocky; Chris’ amp broke down after the first song and when he came running to tell me we had to change the head I managed to push my dirty fingers straight into his eye, making it bleed instantly. That must have hurt like hell, but being a true fighter Chris continued playing without the slightest hesitation. (This reminds me of Björn getting a strong electroshock from the drum riser in Copenhagen several years ago, only to play even better after checking everything was alright. A regular guy would have cancelled).

Afterwards the band hung out in the bar at the hotel and talked about how much we like to play together, the bright future ahead and what damn fine, well-working unit the three of us are. Collective ass-kissing, which is not bad. We are so much looking forward to kick butt around the planet in the not so far away future.

Dressing Barbies

Went to celebrate Christer and fiancé Shara who threw a wonderful birthday party for tons of people. The two had made up all kinds of really stupid games and I couldn’t believe my Freak Brothers made it to the final in dressing-up Barbie dolls! THAT was a rare sight I tell you that. I was so shocked I can’t even remember who won.

Francis Dunnery

Chris, Björn, Sofia, Christian Alsing and a couple of other friends went to very intense and wonderful concert with former It Bites vocalist/guitarist Francis Dunnery. The concert was part of Dunnery’s house concert tour and took part in a living-room outside of Gothenburg, close to Olofstorp. Francis was absolutely spell-binding and it was a lot of energy in the air. Funny, touching and thought-provoking. A precious evening very much worth to remember.

2006, US

After travelling via Amsterdam we reached Atlanta. US customs these days is a grand nightmare for non-Americans (being a musician doesn’t really help either). I do understand why security needs to be tight, and to an extent I am grateful about it since I am the guy up there, but I am not sure taking off your shoes about a zillion times and picking up/dropping off the luggage constantly and generally being pushed around is the way to do it. Anyway, the Freak Brothers made it through the passport control but I was sent off to another room intended for Suspicious People; Middle East folks, Indians and Swedish guitar players.

Well outside we were picked up by an insanely large, black limousine, which was a nice treat by Glenn. Way to travel!

Walked out afterwards, shared beer, signed everything we could and posed for photos. Chris was inspired and worked with his recording gear at the hotel. I was tired as crap and went to bed while Bjorn partied all night with John and the guys at their hotel.

At the Atlanta airport a lot of people walked up to us and praised our gig. We were really baffled and didn’t expect this strong, positive reaction at all.

A BIT EARLIER, 1989 & ?

Tyvärr the fläppard tröja är både glömt och slängt (John Patitucci-tröjorna var väl slut). Ingesund Music College couldn’t know what was about to hit them.

Allra bästa nalle   ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤