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EUR 16.00The Road Less Travelled (CD)

IA?s second solo effort. Visit www.freakguitar.com for more information. (TSP 2004)


  1. The Road Less Traveled
  2. There's No Money in Jazz
  3. Print This!
  4. Father
  5. No Strings Attached
  6. Caffeine
  7. Fletch Theme
  8. The Battle of Bob
  9. Chopstick Boogie
  10. Toxic Donald
  11. Happy Hour
  12. Smoke on the Water
  13. Insert Coin
  14. The Woman in Seat 27A
  15. Ketchup is a Vegetable
  16. Samba Caramba
  17. White Trash Hyper Blues
  18. Toxic Mickey
  19. Minor Swing
  20. One-String Improvisation
  21. Asteroid 3834
  22. Little Bastard
  23. Difficult Person Music

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