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EUR 32.00Growing Your Own Moustache - Volume 7
On is the evil twin of last year's massive track Off, only ten minutes longer and a great deal more challenging. Clocking in on 30 minutes and consisting of three movements On is blazing the trail, packed with exhilarating rhythms and unconventional techniques that will keep you occupied for quite a while. Featuring the strange oral sounds of Bardo the gigantic German shepherd and the wonderful voice of animation genius Ben Rush.

Longing for GLaDOS is inspired by the (ever so thought-provoking) Valve game Portal 2 with its catchy finger picked, 80's sounding keyboard hook. It's also includes a rather benign introduction to Indian korvais (reduction structures) in its mid-section.

Kaputt is sheer picking silliness over occasional outbursts in Russian. Good fun!

Volume 7 of Growing Your Own Moustache also contains notation and playback versions of several tunes from Freak Guitar - The Smorgasbord and the first Art Metal album.


01. On (30:00)
02. On - stripped (30:00)
03. Longing for GLaDOS (4:28)
04. Longing for GLaDOS - stripped (4:28)
05. Kaputt (3:40)
06. Kaputt - stripped (3:40)

Freak Guitar - The Smorgasbord

07. The Smorgasbord (2:52)
08. Musth (3:12)
09. Lease With an Option to Buy (2:23)
10. Kali Ghat (4:37)
11. Mah Ná Mah Ná (2:39)
12. Dark Matter (1:56)
13. The Nigerian Gynecologist (3:25)

Art Metal

14. Muthucutpor (4:13)
15. The Three Princess of Serendip [edit] (3:13)

But wait, that's not all... ...there's video too:

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